Online Footwear Design

Franck Boistel the Sole Explorer My friend, Franck Boistel, is an incredible shoe designer with over 25 years of experience designing all types of footwear. To be a pro, you must learn from a pro! E-mail: [email protected] What: Franck’s footwear design workshopWhen: New sessions starting throughout […]

How to make a running Shoe Spec Sheet

How to Make a Shoe Production Specification

Let’s learn how to make a real factory ready shoe production specification sheet.  Now that you have your shoe design finished, it’s time to write a detailed specification sheet.  The footwear specific specification sheet or simply “spec” sheet does a few things. #1.  The Spec tells […]

Is my shoe design ready for production?

Is my shoe design ready for production? The answer is “NO!”  Your shoe design is NOT ready for production. Once you have a beautiful shoe design on paper it’s time to think about the details needed to start the DEVELOPMENT process for your shoe. Shoe […]

Europe shipping Price cut!

40% off Shipping to Europe & UK The Shoemakers is pleased to announce reduced book and pro-pack shipping to Europe and the UK. Our publisher is now offering direct shipping from printing plants in Europe!  At the Shoemakers our goal is help educate […]

You can draw shoes

How to Draw Shoes

Learn to draw shoes! To be a shoe designer for Nike or any other shoes company you must know how to draw shoes!  There is no right way or wrong way to draw shoe designs. Every shoe designer will have a different way to put the […]

Shoe Design School

Shoe Design School & Outdoor Product Design

Shoe Design School & Outdoor Product Design Do you want to be a shoe designer or work for an outdoor products company?  There is now a college program exclusively for outdoor gear design and development,  including shoe design school courses. The first hands-on college degree program in […]

Foam for Making Shoes

What is the right foam for shoes? There are many types of foam used to make shoes. We are going to review the foam found in the uppers and outsoles of shoes. First, what is foam? Foam is a soft plastic that is filled with […]