Does Nike ethically produce shoes?

The short answer is “yes,” they do. The long answer is, it’s not easy. There is some irony to Nike’s ethical production issue, being that Nike takes all the heat from larger companies while they have one of the best records. In my personal experience […]

What’s inside the Nike Air Vapormax?

What’s Inside the Nike Air VaporMax?

Do you want to know what’s inside the Nike Air Vapormax? So do we! Here at the Sneaker Factory workshop we love to see what’s inside the newest Nike shoes. Rather than murder our fresh pair of Nike VaporMax with a table saw, we took […]

Shoe Construction Techniques

Shoe Lasting Constructions

Once you have designed your shoe, you need to decide which shoe lasting type or construction technique is right for your shoe. Shoe “lasting” is the shoemaking operation that sets the final shape of a shoe and holds it in place so the outsole can […]

How to make a running Shoe Spec Sheet

How to Make a Shoe Production Specification

Let’s learn how to make a real factory ready shoe production specification sheet.  Now that you have your shoe design finished, it’s time to write a detailed specification sheet.  The footwear specific specification sheet or simply “spec” sheet does a few things. #1.  The Spec tells […]

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Tour a Footwear Factory Making Women’s High Heel Shoes

Do you want to see how high heel shoes are made? Now is your chance to take a quick tour of two small factories in China producing handmade women’s fashion shoes. Located in a major shoemaking city in south China, these small, one assembly line, “micro” […]

Can I start a shoe company?

So, you ask yourself, “Can I start a shoe company?” Your next question should be “How do I start a shoe company?” What does it take to start a shoe brand? When we say, “start a shoe company,” we really mean a company that designs, markets, […]

finding money for footwear startup

Footwear company start-up costs and finding investors​

A new shoe start-up is about to be born! You finished your shoe designs, you identified your target market, and your footwear marketing plan is complete! Now, all you need to launch your start-up shoe company is money. Unless you are wealthy, you are going […]

Shoe Factory Equipment : How to make custom shoes?

How to Select Footwear Materials

  The footwear materials you select for your shoe design are what make your shoemaking ideas come to life! You will find the shoe pattern is not the critical or special feature, the footwear materials are! Learning how to specify footwear materials is critical when […]