Learn more about to make shoes in the new book

Shoe Factory Equipment​: What do I need to make shoes?

What machines are needed to manufacture sneakers? What shoe factory equipment do I need to open a real shoe factory? I’m going to walk you through a mass production shoe factory and detail all the shoe factory equipment you will need to do it right. If you are […]

counterfeit nikes for sale

Nike Air Max 90: Counterfeit vs. Real

  How can you tell if your Nike Air Max 90 shoes are real or fake? We are going to study two pairs of the classic style Air Max 90. One pair is real and made by Nike, the other is a Nike Air Max 90 counterfeit: 100% fake. How can […]

Cave Vulcanized Footwear


Today I want to introduce you to my friend Eva from the Czech Republic. She has created a remarkable new footwear brand that combines vintage shoe mass production technology with modern styling and adds a new twist to the eco friendly sustainability movement.  Her brand […]

Europe shipping Price cut!

40% off Shipping to Europe & UK The Shoemakers Academy.com is pleased to announce reduced book and pro-pack shipping to Europe and the UK. Our publisher is now offering direct shipping from printing plants in Europe!  At the Shoemakers Academy.com our goal is help educate […]

Outsole design for shoes

The outsole design for a shoe plays a major factor in shoe performance. The outsoles for running shoes, biker boots, and football cleats all have very different performance requirements and manufacturing methods. The shoe outsole is also one of the most expensive parts of the […]

You can draw shoes

How to Draw Shoes

Learn to draw shoes! To be a shoe designer for Nike or any other shoes company you must know how to draw shoes!  There is no right way or wrong way to draw shoe designs. Every shoe designer will have a different way to put the […]

Footwear Design Summit

Shoemakers Academy joins the 2018 Footwear Design Summit

FDRA Footwear Design Summit Long Beach, California  |  Wednesday, October 24, 2018FDRA and the Footwearists are excited to announce the launch of the Footwear Design Summit—the first and only summit focused on helping development leads and shoe designers explore and understand new software, technology, trends, and […]

Cutting die for sport shoe production

Shoe Tooling for Mass Production

What tooling do I need to start shoe production? The tooling required for production varies greatly depending on the design of the shoe. A simple moccasin style shoe requires almost no tooling, just a single cutting die, but a complicated high-tech running shoe will require […]