For shoe designers and developers, the future of footwear development will be driven by F.I.T., Footwear Information Technology. The next generation of shoe design and development software is taking shape in the newest version of RCS, Romans CAD software. Advanced Footwear Information Technology is the very heart of the Romans CAD software.

What is Footwear Information Technology?

Footwear Information Technology, or FIT, is a suite of design and development tools that allow the entire process of footwear creation to flow seamlessly from pen to production as quickly as possible. The Romans CAD software tools create an environment where the designers’ 3D creative work feeds directly into 2D pattern cutting, costing, and production management modules. This system presents the 3D last, 2D pattern, and pre-costing information directly to the production partner.

With the Romans CAD 3D design spaces and unique material library technology, the designer can see the product rendering and cost change in real time. The principle of FAST FASHION is the key to success in the modern footwear marketplace.

FAST FASHION will revolutionize footwear development

The traditional design, development, pre-production, sales, and production cycle can take 22 months! With a modern CAD system like RCS equipped with Footwear Information Technology tools, this 22-month cycle can be drastically reduced. The designer can create a shoe, estimate the cost, and show a full-color 3D printed model in days instead of weeks. The entire cycle can be cut from 22 months to 6 months or less!

How does it work?

The Romans CAD software suite of tools starts with the RCS 3D last development tool. This 3D last data allows the designer’s simple sketch to be converted directly into useful pattern data. RCS 3D last development tools support 3D last creation, scanned 3D and 2D data imports, and most critically, accurate computer grading.

3D Design Tools

The Romans CAD 3D design tools allow designers to work quickly and create designs in real time in a 3D environment. Importing tools allow hand sketches to be built in 3D without years of CAD training. These powerful tools allow the designer to create full-color 3D renderings and 3D prints for internal samples review or sales calls.

2D Design Tools

The Romans CAD 2D design system pulls the 3D design data directly into a suite of costing and production cutting tools. Costing, grading, and cutting can be completed in hours instead of days.

RCS Data Management

The RCS data management PDM tool is where FAST FASHION becomes a reality. These product line management tools store all the design and product data in one system. This data is organized and accessible to the designer, developer, product line manager, business managers, and even overseas production staff.

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