How Shoes are Made: Reviews and Comments

Reviews and Comments At we work hard to bring you this website and blog. We encourage and appreciate your feedback and comments to help us make How Shoes are Made, How to Start Your Own Shoe Company, Shoe Material Design Guide, and our other products even […]

produce a pair of air Jordans

Drawing a Shoe Outsole Blue Print

Drawing a Shoe Outsole Blue Print: The shoe outsole blue print can be the most challenging element of the shoe to design.  A complicated outsole design can take weeks to design and months to model and  tool up.  The shoe outsole must fit the shoe […]

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Are Nike sneakers the best?

The question: Does Nike Make the Best Sneakers? This question is not so simple as the Nike Corporation makes thousands of different models, so they must be the best?  I did see a report that stated Nike makes over 10 million different products, This does […]

The last technician is marking and measuring

How Shoe Lasts are Made By Tsubo

Here is another great shoe making video from the Tsubo shoe company. This shows how shoe lasts are made.  They show in a nice step by step video what it takes to make a set of production shoe lasts.  You can see the care they take […]

Travel in the Shoe World

Travel in the Shoe World In the shoe business you will have a chance to travel the world.   As a shoe designer or Footwear Product line manager you can visit with customers and factories around the world!   During my footwear career I have […]

the shoe assembly Process

What about shoes made in China?

So what about shoes made in China? *I’m going to make a full disclosure here.  In my shoe making career I’ve made shoes in Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and China with 90% of that being done in China.  My passport will attest to over 50 visits […]

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Shoe Design Jobs: Can I get one? Yes!

Shoe Design Jobs and More! Can I get a job in the shoe world?  Do you want a job at a shoe factory?  Probably not.  More likely you want a job at a company that designs, markets and sell shoes! You want to work for […]