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Drawing a Shoe Outsole Blue Print

Drawing a Shoe Outsole Blue Print:

The shoe outsole blue print can be the most challenging element of the shoe to design.  A complicated outsole design can take weeks to design and months to model and  tool up.  The shoe outsole must fit the shoe upper correctly to insure the shoe fits and can be assembled neatly,   And of course all the outsole parts must fit together correctly.  Not so simple.  Many shoe technitions help bring your shoe sole to life. The shoes Rubber sole, EVA midsole and uppers are each made by a different process and can even be made in a different factory across town.  And this must be done right.  A complete size run of 14 sizes of outsole/Midsole tools could be over  $100,000.00 to construct. The outsole blue print shows every detail of the construction.    You can see the design details and the material notes. Drawing-a-Shoe-Outsole-Blue-Print-4

Required Blue Print Views:

1. Shoe Medial side view 2. Sole Bottom view 3. Shoe Lateral side view 4. Outsole Cross section down the length 5. Sole unit Top view of the midsole 6. View of left side shoe  (to confirm logos) 7. Toe view of sole 8. Heel view of outsole 9. Cross section at critical points to see shoe details 10. Texture notes or detailed cross sections 11. Shoe Sole Material specs 12. Revision block to show who made drawing changes