Creating Footwear Specifications Course
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Build Your Specification Skills
Communicating your shoe design to the factory is a critical skill. A detailed product specification helps the factory make your shoes right the first time! A well-made product spec will save you time and money.

This course is for footwear designers, product developers, product managers, and anyone responsible for factory communications. Creating product specifications is a foundational skill to master. Shoemakers Academy has made a step-by-step course dedicated to spec creation. It’s time to level up your design communication skills! 

  • 9 In-depth spec creation lessons.
  • Over 2  hours of video instruction by “The Shoe Dog,” Wade Motawi.
  • Build a complete Air Jordan 1 Spec sheet line-by-line with “The Shoe Dog.”
  • Bonus Content: Shoe Material Design Guide textbook download. 
  • Digital Certificate of Completion for the Footwear Specification course included.