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Create your own shoe business success story
Shoemakers Academy offers the All Access Pass that provides immediate, on-demand access to the entire online course catalog for two years, including all new courses as they become available. The curriculum includes modern shoe design, manufacturing, and sourcing taught by a working shoe industry professional. This is the most complete online footwear business course. 

Invest in yourself and your footwear career
This package offers a great value to jumpstart your career in the business of shoemaking and create your own success story with our footwear masterclass curriculum. Invest in yourself and your career by upgrading to the All Access Pass.

11 Courses & 5 Textbooks Bundle and Save
The All Access Pass also includes access to 5 eBooks textbooks, interactive shoe design and production documents and other materials in the Pro Pack Bundle that are not available anywhere else.

Discounted Coaching
All Access Pass VIPs are eligible for discounted pricing and exclusive access to
Private Coaching Sessions with the founder of Shoemakers Academy, Wade Motawi, “The Shoe Dog.”  

  • All Shoemakers Academy Online Courses, includes access to all new 2023 courses!
  • 105 + Shoemaking lessons and 26 + hours of video instruction with Wade Motawi.
  • Bonus Content: Pro Pack Bundle 5 eBooks + interactive shoemaking documents.
  • Digital Certificate of Completion for each course completed.
  • Exclusive access and discounted pricing to personal coaching with “The Shoe Dog.”
  • Monthly payments are available upon checkout with Pay Pal “Pay Later” option.
  • Risk Free: 30 day 100% money back guarantee.

Courses Included in the All Access Pass:

How to Select Shoe Materials: 14 Lessons, 4 1/2 Hours 
Sneaker Authentication Basics: 13 Lessons, 3 Hours  
How To Calculate Footwear Cost: 5 Lessons, 1 1/2 Hours 
Footwear Cost Engineering: 7 Lessons, 1 Hour
Building a Modern Shoe Factory: 8 Lessons, 1 1/2 Hours
Footwear Fitting and Comfort: 7 Lessons, / 1 1/2 Hours
Adobe Photoshop For Shoemakers: 13 Lessons, / 4 Hours
Footwear Import Duty Regulations: 5 Lessons, / 1 1/2 Hours

Courses Coming 2023:

Starting Your Shoe Business: Spring 2023
Shoe Types and Constructions: Spring 2023
How to Design Shoes: Summer 2023
Footwear Sustainability Strategies: Summer 2023
DIY Shoemaking for Beginners: Summer 2023
The Footwear Process Development to Production: Fall 2023
Footwear Development & Factory Communications: Fall 2023
Footwear Marketing & Merchandising: Fall 2023

Online shoe school

Upgrade Your Skills with the All Access Pass.
If you have previously purchased individual courses and would like to upgrade your subscription to the All Access Pass, we will apply the cost of your previous courses towards the cost of the All Access Pass.
To upgrade, please contact us.
[email protected]

Delivered by Instant Download – Exclusive materials not offered anywhere else:
1.    How Shoes are Made – PDF ebook textbook
2.   Shoe Material Design Guide – PDF ebook textbook
3.   How To Start Your Own Shoe Company – PDF ebook textbook
4.   Footwear Pattern Making and Last Design – PDF ebook textbook
5.   How to Spot Fake Sneakers – PDF ebook textbook
6.   Blueprint for an EVA & rubber running shoe outsole unit. PDF and a live vector file.
7.   Real factory shoe pattern – PDF and live vector .ai formats.
8.   Sample shoe specification drawing, 8 pages – PDF and .ai formats.
9.   Complete line item shoe specification – .xls format.|
10.  3D print files for size 9 shoe last – STL format.
11.  Die-cut files to make a cardboard shoe last.
12.  Shoe size run calculator – .xls format.
13.  Start-up shoe company profit margin calculator – .xls format.
14.  The graded pattern for Arris running shoe – PDF and .ai formats.
15.  The graded pattern for a women’s T-Strap high heel shoe – PDF and .ai formats.
16.  Cut-paper shoe pattern from our factory – PDF and live vector .ai formats.