Shoe Material Design Guide

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A must-have guide if you are starting a shoe business or a footwear designer. In-depth reviews of materials available in modern shoemaking. Technical details and real-life examples of common shoes and their specified materials. Cross-section diagrams clearly show how to use materials inside 30 different shoe types, including Nike and Vans. Learn from a professional how to complete the detailed material specifications for your footwear brand.


Do you want to be a professional shoe designer? You must learn how to select and specify shoe materials correctly. The Shoe Material Design Guide digs deeper into the world of footwear materials and design.

  • Get professional details on materials to make modern athletic, classic casual, and high fashion footwear.
  • See exactly how materials are used inside real production shoes including Nike and Vans.
  • Master the specifications of leather, textiles, synthetics, laces, glue, reinforcements, hardware, logos, midsoles, outsoles, and more.
  • Annotated cross-sections of over 30 different shoe types. Look inside basketball shoes, running shoes, track spikes, hiking boots, work boots, high heels, cowboy boots, and many more.
  • Hard to find information on material testing, sustainable production, and exotic materials.
  • 28 chapters: each covers a specific shoe material type, how it’s made, and how to specify it correctly.

Written as a companion guide to our best-selling book, How Shoes Are Made, the Shoe Material Design Guide digs deeper into the world of footwear materials and design. 

Perfect bound paperback textbook,  8.5 x 11, 28 chapters, 195 pages with over 330 color photos.

Shoe Material Design Guide
Series: How Shoes are Made (Book 2)
Paperback: 200 pages
Publisher: Wade’s Place; 1st Edition
Language: English
ISBN-10: 099870704X
ISBN-13: 978-0998707044
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11 reviews for Shoe Material Design Guide

  1. Julia

    Obra referência para quem inicia no tema
    Uma abordagem bastante pragmática.
    Muito bom para quem inicia e para quem já possui conhecimentos na área.
    Informação bastante atualizada.
    (Translated from Brazilian: A very pragmatic approach. Very good for beginners and for those who already have knowledge in the area. Very up-to-date information.)

  2. D. West

    Amazing book!! I bought this for my son because he collects sneakers and has always been interested in how to make shoes. He loves it! It has everything u need to know to learn to design and make shoes spelled out in language that he could understand and follow – lots of great pictures too!!! They cut Jordans in half and identify every internal material piece by piece 🙂


    I have purchased all of these books, and they are a wealth of insight and information. Furthermore, I have been able to email Wade and received helpful responses from him. Really recommended.

  4. Nguyen Phuoc Dien

    I feel it useful for me.

  5. Frank

    I am studying shoe design and found this extremely helpful. Highly recommend.

  6. P C

    Awesome! Lots of detailed information. I have been in the shoe business for about 23 years. I am also a Pedorthist. I really learned a lot from this book.

  7. J. Donner

    Another great addition to the range.
    Following on from the earlier books in the range, this is a great in depth review into materials available in modern shoe making. Highly recommended addition to this brilliant series of books

  8. CalBear

    Excellent guide. This book strikes such a good balance between technical details and readability and provides real-life relatable examples of commonly seen shoes and exactly what they’re constructed with. I also read and am a huge fan of the other books. As someone starting a shoe business, this type of information is exactly what I needed.

  9. Alison

    Great book. I work in design and development and refer to it often. Worth the money.

  10. Jassi

    Excellent! It covers many materials and helps to understand how to select the right material. The world of footwear materials is immense, but this guide simplifies the choice of materials, even with very specific examples of different shoe styles. (Review translated from Spanish.)

  11. Dee

    Excellent resource for College STEM educators. Strike a note with students wanting to design, engineer and study the sneaker industry. Highly recommend as an educational resource!

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