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how high heel shoes are madeDo you want to see how high heel shoes are made? Now is your chance to take a quick tour of two small factories in China producing handmade women’s fashion shoes. Located in a major shoemaking city in south China, these small, one assembly line, “micro” shoe factories, produce small orders of high quality, high fashion shoes. These factories are self-contained. They have development, cutting, stitching, and lasting all together in one small space. These women’s shoe factories are very different from the massive complexes that produce for the mega-brands like Nike™ or Adidas™.  Due to the small staff of 40 to 100 workers, these factories are flexible and well suited to keep pace with the speed of modern fashion shoes. Moreover, these factories may look humble but they produce shoes for export around the world. Let’s see how a small factory makes high heeled women’s shoes.

Development and Last Making for high heel shoes:

Before the cutting and stitching departments can get started, the shoe last must be selected for the particular shoe style. Women’s high heel shoe lasts come in many shapes and sizes. Here workers are building samples of next year’s high fashion shoes!

Cutting Department:

One assembly line making women’s fashion shoes can be supported with just two cutting machines. Cut shoe parts are carefully stacked. Women’s fashion shoes require almost as many parts as an athletic shoe. The shoe part cuttings are neatly organized waiting for the next order. Learn more about how to make shoe cutting dies.


Most women’s heels only have a few stitching operations so the stitching line is made up of just a few workers located in the same room as the assembly line. These workers stitch and assemble the upper parts.

Lasting Line:

Just a few steps away from the stitching line, you will find the lasting line. A single assembly line can complete 250 pairs a day. Of course, this is considerably less than the 1,000 or 1,500 daily pairs a large sports shoe factory will produce. Here each shoe is very CAREFULLY assembled, ensuring each pair is a small work of art. Learn the basics of how to make shoes here.  Purchase the ultimate shoemaking Pro Pack of information here.