Footwear Projects Collaboration

Footwear Collaborations When working on footwear design projects collaboration is the key. Working with your fellow designers or engineers can easily double or triple the years of experience you bring to a project. So stay in touch with your old co-workers, clients and customers. This […]

5 Star Quality Shoemaking Supplies

Quality You Can Trust! At, our commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of our shoemaking supply store. We opened our store in 2015 and have served over 18,000 customers! Backed by Your Reviews: With over 1500 Etsy sales, we have 250 […]

Start-Up Footwear Brand Update: The Solei Sea Summer Success

Start-Up Footwear Brand Update: The Solei Sea Summer Success

When does a start-up shoe brand stop being a start-up? Today we catch up with a 3-year-old start-up brand and client of Shoemakers Academy, Soléi Sea. Four women, friends since college, started this sandal brand together in 2020. Facing setbacks during the Covid pandemic […]

A Journey Towards Sustainability : Footwear Manufacturing and Design:

Footwear Design for Sustainability In a world where fashion trends come and go, the importance of sustainability in footwear manufacturing and design has emerged as a critical focal point. As we navigate an era of heightened environmental awareness and ethical considerations, the industry is undergoing […]

Wade Motawi Top Shoe consultant Footwear industry Expert

5 Essential Tips for Hiring a Top Footwear Consultant

Are you a footwear brand looking to elevate your designs, streamline production, or achieve greater success in the market? A professional footwear consultant can be the key to unlocking your brand’s full potential. However, not all consultants are equal, and it’s crucial to make an […]

oin Our Vibrant Shoemaker's Academy Facebook Group!

Join Our Facebook Group!

Join Our Vibrant Shoemaker’s Academy Facebook Group! Hello, shoemakers and footwear enthusiasts! We are excited to extend an invitation to join the thriving community of the Shoemaker’s Academy Facebook group. This exclusive group is dedicated to all things shoemaking, where members can connect, learn, and […]

The Start-Up Shoe Brand Business Plan

20 Ways To Become A Better Shoe Designer

Become A Better Shoe Designer 1. Mastering the art of sketching and rendering shoe designs allows you to effectively communicate your ideas visually, capturing the essence of your design concepts and facilitating effective collaboration with manufacturers and clients. 2. Developing a deep understanding of shoe […]

Open-Source Footwear Design

Open-Source Footwear Design : Open-Source Footwear Design Open-Source Footwear Design Transforms Shoe DesignOpen-source design options and the various methods for collaboration and contribution among young designers is  revolutionizing footwear design and transforming the way we approach shoe creation. In the dynamic realm of fashion and design, innovation […]

AllBirds Zero Carbon Moonshot

Carbon Reduction Strategies in Shoe Production

In today’s environmentally conscious world, reducing carbon emissions is a pressing priority for industries across the board. The footwear industry, in particular, has a significant impact on earth’s carbon footprint due to its manufacturing processes and global supply chains. Today, we will explore some innovative […]