Wade Motawi teaches shoemaking professional coaching to aspiring shoemakers all around the world.

What is the Shoemakers Academy?

The New Online Shoemaking Resource Shoemakers Academy is an online resource for individuals looking to expand their skills and knowledge in the footwear industry. The website offers a variety of online courses for shoe designers, footwear developers, and brand builders of all levels. These courses […]

How to Design Shoes Online Course

Sneak Peek into Footwear Courses

Level up your footwear design and development skills! Welcome to the Shoemakers Academy Online Footwear Courses! “The Shoe Dog” takes you on a 90-second sneak peek into Shoemakers Academy online video footwear courses. What do the courses look like?Which courses should I start with?What comes […]

DIY Shoemaking for Beginners course Footwear class

Sign up for Online Shoemaking Courses

Start Your Shoemaking Career Today! Welcome to the Shoemakers Academy! This short video is an introduction to the Shoemakers Academy website. This video shows you the great educational resources available to shoemakers, shoe designers, and footwear developers. Where do I find the online shoemaking course […]

high heels shoe factory how to start a shoe line with no money

How Can I Find a Shoe Manufacturer?

Congratulations! You have developed a new shoe design, or your brand is growing, and you are ready to source a new shoe factory to manufacture your brand in China . So, how do you find and vet a shoe factory across the ocean from your […]

Learn more about to make shoes in the new book

How Does a Factory Make Shoes?

When you walk into a modern shoe factory anywhere in the world, you will see the same footwear manufacturing processes. In China, America, Brazil, and Italy the art of shoemaking is the same. You will see that the giant 20,000 shoe city in China and […]

What is a fitting trial for shoes? 

Do I need to run a fitting trial for my new shoes?  A shoe fitting trial or fit trial is a footwear brand’s process to confirm a new shoe fits correctly and feels good on the user’s feet. The goal of a fitting trial is to evaluate […]

How To Tell If Your adidas Yeezys are Real or Fake

How to Spot a Fake Yeezy

  Legit Check The Adidas Yeezy 500 You will find fake Adidas shoes in stores all around the world. Our goal is to help you spot these fake counterfeit shoes and teach you some shoemaking tips. How can I tell if my Yeezys are fake? […]

How to find fake vans

How can I tell if my Vans are fake?

Legit Check: Vans Old SkoolCounterfeit vs. Real    10 ways to spot fake Vans Sneakers How do you know if Vans are fake? Today we have two pairs of Vans Old Skool sneakers: a real pair of Vans shoes purchased directly from the Vans Outlet […]

see Inside a Fake air Jordan 1 How To Spot Fake Nike Shoes: 10 Ways To Tell Real Nikes, How to Spot Fake Nikes, how to spot fake Air Max, legit check App

Inside a Fake Air Jordan 1

Let’s see inside a Fake Nike A Fake Nike Sneaker Deconstructed! Here at the Sneaker Factory, we love to see how shoes are made! We even wrote a book called How Shoes are Made. To really see how Nike makes shoes, it’s best to slice […]