How to find fake vans

How can I tell if my Vans are fake?

Legit Check: Vans Old SkoolCounterfeit vs. Real    10 ways to spot fake Vans Sneakers How do you know if Vans are fake? Today we have two pairs of Vans Old Skool sneakers: a real pair of Vans shoes purchased directly from the Vans Outlet […]

see Inside a Fake air Jordan 1 How To Spot Fake Nike Shoes: 10 Ways To Tell Real Nikes, How to Spot Fake Nikes, how to spot fake Air Max, legit check App

Inside a Fake Air Jordan 1

Let’s see inside a Fake Nike A Fake Nike Sneaker Deconstructed! Here at the Sneaker Factory, we love to see how shoes are made! We even wrote a book called How Shoes are Made. To really see how Nike makes shoes, it’s best to slice […]

Shoe Company Start-Up Pro Pack Download

Sneaker Factory Pro Pack 2023 Upgrade

The new 2023 Start-Up Pro Pack includes: A must-have for anyone serious about launching a new footwear company! The Shoe Company Start-Up Pro Pack Download is all you need to get your shoe business off the ground. For 2023 we have upgraded the Sneaker Factory Pro […]

जूते कैसे बनते हैं अब भारत में उपलब्ध मुद्रित!

जूते कैसे बनते हैं

अब भारत में उपलब्ध मुद्रित! Now Available: Printed in India! Hello to our shoemaking friends in India. Is it difficult to find the book How Shoes Are Made in India at a reasonable price? Not anymore! We have contracted with the local Indian publishing company to print this […]

Nicoline van Enter I am the founder and creative director of The Footwearists.

Footwear News Shout Out

Nicoline van Enter of Footwearist is a dear friend of ours. She has been a great help to the Sneaker factory family! She has boundless energy and a creative mind that continues to push the future of footwear technology forward. We really appreciate the shout […]

Footwear Certificate program at Lasell University in Boston

Footwear Design and Development Certificate

Lasell University Footwear Design and Development Certificate is a 12-week professional certificate comprised of 4 courses that provide students with a comprehensive overview of the footwear industry while developing the necessary skills that lead to successful product design. Industry partners and instructors with extensive experience in design, materials, and […]

Nike Rules for Shoe design

The Nike Rules for Shoe Designers

This internal memo is from the early days of Nike. While not exactly about shoe design, these are 10 Nike rules we as shoe designers can learn from and aspire to. The Nike motto of “Just Do It” is a great marketing slogan but for […]

How to Become a Shoe Designer: 10 Steps

One of the most often asked questions we get at Shoemakers Academy is “where do I start?” We meet so many aspiring shoe designers looking to learn, improve, and advance their skills in order to find gigs and careers in footwear design. You want to design shoes for […]

Shoemaking questions answered

Ask a Shoe Dog

Answers to all of your shoemaking questions! Thank you for visiting our shoemaking blog! started more than ten years ago with the mission to inform and educate shoemakers around the world. We strive to provide both basic and advanced shoemaking knowledge. Every day we receive shoemaking […]