Franck Boistel the Sole Explorer

Franck Boistel the Sole Explorer

My friend, Franck Boistel, is an incredible shoe designer with over 25 years of experience designing all types of footwear. To be a pro, you must learn from a pro!

E-mail: [email protected]

What: Franck’s footwear design workshop
When: New sessions starting throughout the year
How: E-mail [email protected] for details

WHY: Franck is excited to share his experience and the unique way he designs footwear products. Details from Franck below.

From Franck Boistel – Sole Explorer:
We will talk about visualizing before designing, how to get inspired, ways to prepare your sketch, what tools to use, how to render, how to tape up an upper, how to make technical specs ready for the factory and all aspects of footwear design as well as how to prospect and be great and feel great in a design studio environment and working efficiently with your teammates. I look forward to talking with you!

I have 25 years of experience in designing cutting edge footwear in the action sports, fashion, lifestyle, outdoor categories, from concepts to production, for men, women, and children.
Specialties: Trend Forecasting – Footwear design for men, women, and children – Footwear and Industrial Design in
Lifestyle, Action Sports, Fashion, Outdoor, Tactical and Casual categories.

Franck Boistel has brought the world some of the most
recognized footwear styles in action sports, fashion,
outdoor, and lifestyle categories. His designs contributed to the
success of the companies he has worked for, as he accumulated best sellers. Franck is a talented, skilled, and creative footwear Designer and Art Director with a French twist.
– The Shoe Dog

Sole Explorer Online Shoe Design Workshop

Shoe Design Lesson 1
Introduction to shoe design, I will tell you about me and my design itinerary as a designer. We will talk about everything that comes before you even start to think of a design Inspiration.
Questions and answers session.

Shoe Design Lesson 2
How to prepare before sketching footwear
Visualize your shoe design
Mood boards for shoe design projects

Shoe Design Lesson 3
Footwear design sketching phases, and choosing your tools properly.

Shoe Design Lesson 4
Taping an upper according to your sketch. An important phase of the design of a shoe, especially if it is a complicated one. Preparing to present your sketch.

Shoe Design Lesson 5
Working on all views of your shoe design. We will go over what is necessary to achieve all views of the design in preparation of footwear technical specs.

Shoe Design Lesson 6
Rendering your shoe design. You may need to render your sneaker design to be ready to show your client or your team the final version of your shoe design. I will show you a simple way to render your designs without spending too much time on photoshop. A technic I developed by myself.

Shoe Design Lesson 7
Footwear Technical specs. All you need to know to prepare the tech specs ready for factory.

Shoe Design Lesson 8
Design Studio – Attitude at work – How to work with your team and how to overcome frustrations that may comes with designing and working with different departments within a company.

Shoe Design Lesson 9
Questions and answers session. After having discussed and participated in all 9 lessons, you will have questions. This final session is to make sure you understood the lessons and answering any questions you may still have on any of the topics that I went over during the time of the courses.