anatomy of a running shoe

Shoe Parts Diagram

The Anatomy of a shoe: What parts make up the sneaker?

Every student of shoe design should know the correct names for shoe parts.
Here is a shoe parts diagram showing you the standard names for shoe parts. What is an eyestay, outsole, or vamp? Here is a list of shoe terminology. If you are designing a shoe you must know the correct names for the shoe pattern parts. Now you can see the anatomy of the shoe inside and out!  Here you can see a complete list of footwear pattern components.

External shoe pattern part names:

Running shoe parts names of shoe parts Shoes Parts Digram

Internal Shoe pattern part names:
Vamp Lining Tongue Fabric Tongue Foam Tongue Lining EVA Footbed Collar Lining Collar Foam

Internal Shoe Reinforcements:


Shoe Outsole Parts:

Shoe_parts_Outsole_bottom EVA Outsole Lasted Upper Strobal Sock Strobal Stitching

Learn more about sneaker parts: See the Shoe Terms Dictionary

List of shoe pattern parts found in the shoe parts diagram drawing.

Rubber Outsole, Channel stitch, Toe Tip, Triple Stitch, Vamp, Perforation Vents, Eyestay, Single stitch, Eyelet, Throat, Shoe Lace, Mudguard, Quarter, Lace, Aglet, Tongue, Collar, Collar lining, Midsole Stitch, Turn seam, Mustache, Heel Notch, Top Line, EVA Midsole, Heel Counter, and Heel stabilizer.

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