high heels shoe factory how to start a shoe line with no money

How Can I Find a Shoe Manufacturer?

Congratulations! You have developed a new shoe design, or your brand is growing, and you are ready to source a new shoe factory to manufacture your brand in China . So, how do you find and vet a shoe factory across the ocean from your […]

South African Running

Pivot & Run – Part 2

The Dream and the Challenge: Part 2 Develop a running shoe for South African runners designed by South African runners. “What is the perfect running shoe for South Africans?” The Pivot & Run shoe would need a firm structure for long-distance running, fatigue-reducing underfoot comfort, […]

Develop a running shoe

Pivot & Run

Brand Building: Part 1 Marathoners Dream Shoe Project Hits the Wall (…and breaks through).   The birth of Pivot & Run, a running shoe brand, started with a dream of three runners, Roger, Alex, and Grant, in Capetown, South Africa. The 2020 Covid pandemic and […]

Shoe Design : How to make your shoe design a SLAM dunk.

How much does it cost to build a sneaker?

How much does it cost to build a sneaker?How much money do you need to start a shoe business?How much does it cost to start a shoe company?How much money do I need if I want a shoe factory to build my dream sneaker? Your […]

The barefoot sport shoe Nummulit Ignis provides lightness, flexibility and stability for every workout, walk or run.

Nummulit – Urban Shoes with a Minimalist Sole

Today we interview Josep Puig, owner of Nummulit Urban Shoes, and reveal his challenges and solutions in starting his niche barefoot shoe brand. Enjoy! The Shoe Dog: Hey Josep, thank you for speaking with me and sharing your story with our shoemaking community. Josep: Hi Wade. The […]

What is a fitting trial for shoes? 

Do I need to run a fitting trial for my new shoes?  A shoe fitting trial or fit trial is a footwear brand’s process to confirm a new shoe fits correctly and feels good on the user’s feet. The goal of a fitting trial is to evaluate […]

Start a Shoe Brand

How to Start a Shoe Brand

Do you want to start a shoe business or learn how how to start a shoe line? You are in the right place. Starting a shoe brand will not be easy; you will need lots of help, patience, perseverance, and passion.

The Start-Up Shoe Brand Business Plan

Business Plans for Start-Up Shoe Brands

12 Tips for Footwear Brand Building Are you ready to start your own brand-building journey? Do your shoe business dreams seem unattainable? You need a business plan to transform your dreams into reality and successfully launch your shoe brand. So, what is a business plan […]

Solei Sea is a new sandal company that proves COVID-19 does not have to limit your ambitions. Solei Sea is the brainchild of four life long friends who's jobs were sidelined by the Covid crisis. Kristina, Andrea, Jamie and Ali set their minds to create this new women's owned business venture and nothing is holding them back!

Introducing Soléi Sea sandals

Partner Success Story – Shoemakers Academy and Solei Sea Today, I invite you to visit SoleiSea.com. Solei Sea is a women-owned business, started in May 2020. The sandal brand is the brainchild of four lifelong friends whose jobs were sidelined by the Covid crisis. Kristina, […]

Sneaker Factory Design

How to Build a Shoe Factory

What machines are needed to manufacture shoes? Today I want to introduce you to a company that makes shoemaking equipment. Elitech Footwear Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Taiwan with representative offices in Taiwan, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, South Africa, Ethiopia, and Turkey. Elitech Footwear Technology can help […]