how to make your own shoe pattern

How to Make a Shoe Pattern

How to Make a Shoe Pattern: Step-by-Step    Making a shoe pattern or cutting a shoe pattern is not a difficult shoemaking skill. If you have the time and patience, you can produce shoemaking patterns with just a few common tools. The shoe pattern making process is […]

Shoes pattern

Shoe Patterns

Making a Sneaker Pattern Once you have completed drawing your shoe design, you will need to make a flat pattern. The pattern will be used to cut and sew the materials for your initial sample. The pattern records the actual shape of the shoe. The […]

How to grade shoe pattern parts

Shoe Pattern Grading : How to make sizes

How to Grade Shoe Patterns In the footwear manufacturing process, the sample size shoe pattern is always confirmed first. Afterward, the pattern master will make the pattern pieces for all the remaining shoe sizes. This process of adjusting the pattern for each shoe size is called shoe […]

What is a Shoe Pattern

What is a Shoe Pattern?

What is a Shoe Pattern? A shoe pattern consists of all the component parts needed to make a shoe. The pattern pieces are cut in 2D and once the pattern parts are assembled the shoe upper is lasted to set the 3D shape. You can learn […]

Use the same pattern to make a pair of shoe lasts

How to Make a Shoe Last

Can you make a shoe last at home? Yes, you can make a shoe last at home! In this article, we will review the basic techniques you can use to make a shoe last. If you have a custom shoe project in mind for yourself, […]

inside a shoe last factory

Tour a Shoe Last Factory

Today we are visiting a shoe last factory operated by a good friend of mine, Jackie Huang. The Dongguan Lian Xiang shoe last factory is located on a busy side street in the South China shoemaking town of Houjie. Jackie operates the business and meets […]

How shoes lasts are Made

How Shoe Lasts are Made

The shoe last is the starting point for any shoe design project and is critical to the shape and function of all types of footwear. The last is used by the shoe factory to determine the shape of the shoe. The last also determines the fit, […]

How to make a flat pattern parts of a shoe names

Shoe Pattern Parts

The Basic Shoe Pattern Parts If you want to learn more about shoe pattern making or shoe pattern cutting you will need to know the correct names for the anatomy of the shoe.  You will also need to understand how many parts are in a complete shoe […]

The last technician is marking and measuring

How Shoe Lasts are Made By Tsubo

Here is another great shoe making video from the Tsubo shoe company. This shows how shoe lasts are made.  They show in a nice step by step video what it takes to make a set of production shoe lasts.  You can see the care they take […]