How to make a flat pattern parts of a shoe names

Shoe Pattern Parts

The Basic Shoe Pattern Parts

If you want to learn more about shoe pattern making or shoe pattern cutting you will need to know the correct names for the anatomy of the shoe.  You will also need to understand how many parts are in a complete shoe pattern. Here you can see that this simple shoe has 17 pattern parts, not including any quarter logo designs. Now, imagine the pair will have 32 pattern parts and the entire size run could have 14 sizes! You can see the number of shoe pattern parts and cutting dies grows quickly into the hundreds. Another point to consider is the popular shoe sizes 9-10-11 may need more than one set of cuttings dies to quickly make big orders.

Shoe Pattern Parts

Shoe pattern shoe design parts of a shoe diagram
The anatomy of the shoe

Parts of a sneaker

1.  Heel Patch or Mustache:  Leather 2.  Heel counter reinforcement:  heat moldable plastic 3.  Collar padding: KF Soft PU sponge foam 4.  Heel lining: nylex, visa terry or jersey fabric 5.  Tongue lining: nylex, visa terry or jersey fabric 6.  Tongue padding: KF Soft PU sponge foam 7.  Tongue logo panel: Woven label logo or leather patch 8.  Tongue face:  Textile mesh fabric 9.  Quarter panel medial side:  Leather 10.  Quarter panel lateral side:  Leather 11.  Eyestay reinforcement medial side: Non woven super tuff reinforcement 12.  Eyestay reinforcement lateral side: Non woven super tuff reinforcement 13.  Quarter panel lining medial side: Non woven textile 14.  Quarter panel lining lateral side: Non woven textile 15.  Toe Cap:  Leather with Vamp vent holes 16.  Toe Puff reinforcement: heat moldable plastic 17.  Vamp / Toe cap lining: Non-woven textile