Quality inspection of authentic Vans Old Skool

How to Inspect a Shoe : Vans Old Skool

Vans Old Skool Inspection

Quality inspection of authentic Vans Old Skool

Today we are going to test our shoe inspection skills with a pair of classic Vans Old Skool vulcanized shoes. Here at the SneakerFactory.net we really like Vans! They offer great shoes and we know the guys that make them. However, shoes are made by people and people can make mistakes. So let us get started with our Vans Old Skool inspection.

We mail-ordered these shoes directly from Vans to ensure they are authentic Old Skool sneakers and not fake Vans. Knowing how to run a shoe quality inspection is a critical skill for shoe designers, developers, and product line managers. When a new shoe arrives it is critical to inspect the materials, assembly technique, and workmanship. You must know the correct footwear inspection procedure. As a buyer of shoes for personal use, it’s nice to run your own inspection before you buy it!

How to check quality Vans in shop?

Vans shoes are popular and comfortable for hanging out it, but are Vans quality shoes? When you shop for a new pair of Vans it’s nice to know if you are getting grade “A” shoes. You don’t need any special tools or much time.  In just a few seconds you can quality check a new pair of Vans sneakers in a store without damaging the shoe or hassling the store employees. Vans generally make high-quality shoes but if you see a problem pick a different pair.  Here is how to grade and inspect the Vans old skool like a professional!

Shoe inspection quality “A”, “B”, “C” – Grades

A grade shoes:
Shoes without any functional defects or cosmetic defects that will impair the marketability of the shoe are A grade. These are high-quality shoes, they look good and fit correctly. An A grade must follow the production specifications and match the approved confirmation sample.

B grade shoes:
Shoes without any major functional defects and which will not cause injury to the person wearing the shoes are B grade. B grade shoes may have cosmetic defects, production mistakes, or workmanship issues that cannot be properly repaired. These b grade shoes will be discounted and/or diverted to markets more tolerant of cosmetic defects.

C grade shoes:
C grade shoes have major functional defects that could cause injury to the wearer or major cosmetic defects that cannot be repaired. Shoes are also considered C-grade if they have poor workmanship or materials defects that could shorten the normal life expectancy of the shoe, or damage the companies reputation. These shoes should be destroyed.

Shoe quality checklist

The main points Vans Old Skool Inspection are as follows:
1. Is this the correct shoe, a matched pair?
2. Is the shoe clean?
3. Is the workmanship of high quality?
4. Is the shoe damaged in any way?

How to check the quality of a Vans sneaker!

Remove the Vans shoes from the packing box.
Do you have a left and right?
Are the shoes the same size and color?
Check the shoe tongue label information?
I know this sounds crazy but in the factory, it’s not hard to put a right size 7 and a left size 7.5 into the same box.

Holding the shoe, place the pair of shoes bottom to bottom.
Check them for symmetry. Does the pair really match in length? The size marks match but are they the same length?

Vans Old Skool Inspection
key issue : Symmetry

Now, holding the Vans from the bottom, roll the uppers together side by side. You are now checking the alignment of the shoe parts. Starting from the front, roll the shoes to align the parts, toe caps, vamps, overlays, eye stays, and eyelets. While you have the uppers side by side compare the finish and colors of each part.

Next, hold the Ols skool up looking at the heels. Make sure the shoes sit on the outsole straight. A shoe inspector checks to confirm the upper is not rotated off-center. Now, rolling the heels together, check that the back height and collar lines match.

Outsole quality is okay for authentic vans

At this point, study the Vans classic waffle bottoms. Do they match? Are the color blocks in the same location? Look over the foxing tape sidewall for wrinkles. Check the seam joining the foxing tape together. Look out for any extra glue on the upper. 2mm is the limit for “over gluing.” Also look for over buffing of the upper that can damage the leather.

Vans Footwear Inspection : Look inside!

To complete our Vans Old Skool Inspection check each shoe inside and out. Now that we looked over the outside it’s time to dive inside because a great looking shoe with defects inside is not salable. Look inside the shoe opening, Is the lining clean and free of wrinkles? For Vans Skate shoes, make sure the footbed is straight, level, and fitting correctly. If the footbed is too small it may slide around, too big and the footbed may wrinkle or curl.

Vans Old sckool quality inside top collar is good! Eyestay lining

Look inside the Old Skool opening, Is the lining clean and without wrinkles?

Vans Old sckool quality inside top collar is good!

Run your hand around the collar, feel for any lump, bumps or glue. For leather shoes, be on the lookout for any lasting nails or staples.

Final Words on Vans Old Skool Inspection

When inspecting, it’s critical to decide if the problems you see are a “one-off” mistake or a systematic problem that will affect every shoe? It’s very important to understand that Inside the factory the same worker completes one operation. If the vamp stitcher is having a bad day you may see lots of crooked stitching on a vamp.

Vans Old Skool quality - Some rough Suede

Some hairy suede and rough cutting, Not great but this is still and A-Grade Vans Old Skool.

Vans Old Skool quality - Heel bump

Yes, This looks horrible But this is a Vans trademark feature. The foxing tape overlap with heel bump is correct!

The pressing tool head may have been a little dirty, or not well padded. This is a typical flaw for any suede shoe, not just Vans sneakers. This flaw could also be from rubbing inside the shoebox during shipping.

The trimmed edge of the rubber is difficult to make 100% clean. This is the charm of vulcanized construction. Again a typical “flaw” or “feature” of this construction technique of an authentic Vans Old Skool sneaker.

Are Vans good shoes?

Yes! Vans shoes are well made and Vans uses high-quality materials. Vans is one division of the huge 14 billion dollar VF corporation. Van is just one of the many footwear brands controlled by VF. These brands include North Face, Timberland, Smartwool, Icebreaker, Altra, Vans Napapijri, Kipling, Eastpak, JanSport, Reef, Eagle Creek, Dickies, Red Kap, Bulwark, Timberland, Kodiak, Horace Small.

The point here is that Vans has all the people, expertise and capital to make great shoes.

See how Vans shoes are made

How Vans are Made

How Vans Shoes are Made:
Vulcanized Construction Do you want to know how Vans shoes are made? The Vans classic slip on and skate shoes are made by the vulcanized shoemaking process. The brothers, Paul Van Doren and James Van Doren, started The Van Doren Rubber Company in 1966. 
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