a shoemakers Lasting Pliers

Shoemaking Hand Tools

Let’s look at shoemaking tools you will need for any DIY shoe projects. These are the shoemaking tools you will find in any shoe repair or handmade shoe shop. Of course, we can also call these cobblers tools. While you will have a hard time finding these tools in your local Home Depot, they can all be found online.

13Pcs Leather Craft Hand Stitching Sewing Tool Thread Awl Waxed Thimble Kit:

$11.09 on Amazon

13 pcs LeatherCraft shoemaking hand tools
Stitching Sewing Tool Thread Awl Waxed Thimble Kit:
1Pc x black pressure cloth tooth distance of 4 mm 1Pc x log pressure cloth tooth distance of 2 mm 1Pc x solid wood awl
1Pc x straight head awl 1Pc x hook the awl 1Pc x Grooving device 1Pc x hollow awl 1Pc x beeswax
1Pc x thimble 1Pc x leather needle 1Pc x ecru flat wax rope 1Pc x black flat wax rope
1Pc x coffee flat wax rope 1Pc x scissors

Cobbler Pliers
$19.99 Sneaker Factory Bookstore

Lasting Pliers: This is the classic shoemaking hand tool.
Beaked pincers with a built-in hammer face. Used for shoe lasting and sole nailing. Durable economical construction. Built for production factory use. Steel with black painted handle. 21cm long, 6 cm opening with 14cm handle.
Package includes: 1 x Lasting Pliers

Hand Tools for Shoemaking
$64.95 on Amazon

Lasting Pliers: Shoe lasting pliers are a very practical tool. The pliers grasp the shoe material while the hooked end lets you lever and roll the material down onto the lasting board. Then, without having to change tools, the material and/or a lasting tack can be hammered in. While they look semi wicked, shoe lasting pliers are very common in both production shoe factories and handmade shoe shops.



Last Measuring Step: Shoe last measuring step. Measures last heel lift from 1cm to 11.5 cm. Durable injection-molded plastic.
Step measures 12cm x 12cm

$49.95 on  Amazon

Cobblers Shoe Hammer: For shoemaking, a good hammer is a must. To drive tacks and nails for lasting and seating heels, a cobbler’s hammer is the tool of choice.



$34.95 on Amazon

French Shoe Hammer: The flat smooth face of the french shoe hammer is designed to flatten seams and stitching. Even careful handling will leave some humps and bumps. The French shoe hammer and some gentle work will make seams flat and even.

$35.50 on Amazon

Shoe Makers Tool Kit:
Steel Cutter
Iron Pliers
Brass Handle Awl
Punches (1.5MM,2.5MM)
Rasp Tool

$35.90 on Amazon

Eyelet setter: To set lace and vent eyelets you will need a punch and setter. In the factory, they will have a hydraulic press but at home, a hand setter will work.

$9.03 on Amazon

Awl Leather Punch: For punching holes and marking leather you will need an awl.

$8.80 on Amazon

Spacer Embossing System: This handy tool allows you to evenly mark stitch locations.  Once marked, the leather can be punched and sewn.

$2.65 on Amazon

Leather Edge Skiving Tools: To trim and refine leather edges a skiving tool is a must. Used to remove any rough edges,  you will find these tools in every leather works toolbox.

Basic Hand Stiching Leathercraft Set (12 Items):
$27.39 on Amazon

Basic Hand Stitching Leathercraft Set (12 Items):
1 Adjustable Leather Edge Stitching Groover Tool(1mm ) 1 Edge Beveler No.2(1.0mm) 1 Pro-Stitching Grooving & Edge Beveler Tool (1mm ) 1 Pro Leather Edge Edger Beveler Skiving Tool
1 Adjustable Edge Creaser up to 1.5cm 1 Japanese Style Skiving Knife 1 Wood Multi-Size Edge Slicker 1 Skiving Tool+10 Replacement Blades
1 Multi-Size Hole Punch1.5mm/2mm/2.5mm/3mm/3.5mm/4mm 1 Awl 2 Leather-craft


Shoe Last Measuring Tape
$14.99 Sneaker Factory Bookstore

Last measuring tape: Designed specifically for measuring shoe lasts this 24-inch tape features a durable fabric reinforced non-stretch construction. Printed on both sides this tape is marked with centimeters, inches, English sizes, and stitch count. Steel grommet for hanging. Made in Germany. Free shipping in the USA.