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Download Shoe Last for 3D Printing

Download a Sneaker Last for 3D Printing:

Can I 3D print a shoe last
3D printed Last Shoe size 9 MakerBot Z18
I’ve had many requests to offer a shoe last for purchase (sorry we don’t have this ready yet).  So, while we are working on a way to cost effectively supply you lasts and outsoles, we have put together a .STL 3D printing file of a great shoe last for you to download. This last is great for your DIY shoe projects.  This last has a standard athletic outline with a well curved arch, plenty of toe space and is relatively thick on the lateral side so its fit is accommodating.  Heel lift is 6mm and the last has a toe spring of 8mm.  The feather edge is in the middle between sharp and round so you an make a stobel pattern or board last without difficulty. The file is a Men’s size 9 last.  You can make your own size with a little creativity.  The .STL file can be scaled in X, Y and Z.  While a technically perfect last grade is not made by direct scaling, this size 9 can be graded into a 8 or 10 without getting too far off the standards for last making. If you have access to a decent sized 3D printer you can print this last full size in about 5 hours. We have a really slick MakerBot Model Z18 on hand so we tested the file.  We printed the sneaker last with 0% fill, 2 shells and scaled to 275MM Long USA size 9.  With 0% fill the last is fragile but perfect for filling with expandable foam, casting resin or plaster for a more durable last.
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