The Ultimate step by step guide to 'how to start a shoe line'

How do you really start a new shoe line?

Does the world need another shoe company?

There are hundreds, even thousands, of shoe brands in operation. Why start a shoe brand? Should you really follow your dream to start your own shoe company? The answer is…YES, you should!

If you have a fresh outlook and a way to solve a problem in an original way, read on! The world needs new companies, new ideas, and new personalities to face new challenges in unique and creative ways.

There is always a place for a new shoe company to get started. The billion dollar shoe brands must look for huge opportunities, leaving small brands free to serve niche markets. You can fill a special need or take a fashion risk. Go ahead and make something fresh!

What does a new shoe brand need to survive?

For your new shoe company to survive and thrive in the competitive world of shoes, you will need something special! Originality and uniqueness are a start. You will also need to package your uniqueness in a way that people can understand and appreciate.

What does your new shoe company bring?

Do you have an idea to improve the function of a shoe for a particular activity? Is there a better way to make a running, driving, logging, dancing, bowling or fencing shoe? If you have a fresh twist, go for it! Do you see an untapped market in a foreign country or in your own country? Or maybe you know a footwear buyer or a fashion store owner that has a special need?

Maybe you saw something while traveling that could be a hit at home? If you already own a business, maybe you are looking to expand? An open distribution channel is a good enough reason to make your own shoes. Let’s get started!

A new shoe idea

Having a great idea for a new shoe is a small part of what you will need to make a shoe company that will survive.

While you may want to focus on designing every detail of the shoes, you will need to spend more of your time on figuring out the supply chain, sales, marketing, distribution and financial arrangements that will turn your idea into a real functioning business.

This book will walk you through these challenges! How To Start Your Own Shoe Company is arranged in chronological order, following the shoemaking process from design, development, production and sales, on through marketing and distribution.

As you read you will learn how to design, source, market and sell your shoes.

shoe retail model

Making your plans

Starting a new shoe company will be hard. You can expect to work long hours and late nights. You will meet challenges and you will need to make tough decisions.

We have done our best to explain the business requirements, detail the challenges, and describe your options. We hope you can make this journey with as few surprises as possible. If you have a good plan, you have a chance to succeed! Without a real plan, your shoe company may be doomed to fail.

Creating a shoe business plan

Creating a business plan for your new footwear company may seem like a daunting task. It will be hard to start a shoe brand but you can break your plan down into manageable parts. If you have partners, you may want to divide up the plan according to the expertise of each participant.

The master plan needs to cover:

Your brand identity
Product plan
Financial calculations
Sales plan
Distribution plan
Marketing plan

How to Start A Shoe Brand: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Start A Shoe Line: A Step-by-Step Guide

This book is for anyone with the dream of starting their own shoe company. You will follow the launch of two start-up shoe companies. Each has its own style of shoes and a business plan. In each chapter we will describe a requirement or process, then explain how each of our two new shoe brands will tackle this challenge.
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