what is used to construct shoe outsoles

A New Midsole Material for Sport Shoes

As a New Midsole Material Launches has Adidas Boost Foam met its match? Adidas and BASF turned heads with the introduction of the futuristic Boost Foam technology. The unique midsole material has performance advantages and a distinctive look. Boost foam is actually a new formulation […]

Footwear Design Summit

Shoemakers Academy joins the 2018 Footwear Design Summit

FDRA Footwear Design Summit Long Beach, California  |  Wednesday, October 24, 2018FDRA and the Footwearists are excited to announce the launch of the Footwear Design Summit—the first and only summit focused on helping development leads and shoe designers explore and understand new software, technology, trends, and […]

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How Designer Handbags are Made

How Designer Handbags are Made As a shoe designer you may be called upon to work on many different soft goods projects.  My design career started with bag design, moved on to footwear design, and now I work in both fields every day. You will find that […]

Shoe Design: Know your Footbeds

Get to now your footbeds! The footbed or insole or sockliner, whatever you call it is important to the fit, feel, performance and cost of your shoe design.  Footbeds come in all shapes, sizes and materials,  It’s important to make the right selection to compliment […]