What materials are Nike shoes made of?

What are Nike shoes made of?

What raw materials does Nike use to make shoes? Here at the Sneaker Factory, we have examined many Nike shoe styles to find out exactly what is inside. We have sectioned The Air Jordan 1, the Nike Vapor Fly, Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next%, the Air […]

Sustainable shoe production

Design & Production of Sustainable Shoes

Designing and producing sustainable shoes can be difficult but is an important factor to consider in today’s world of increasing climate change and climate change activism. We must think ahead and start with the design and material selection, to reduce our carbon footprint as consumers and […]

sneaker anatomy

What’s Inside a Sneaker?

Sneaker Anatomy #1: Inside The Under Armour Stephen Curry 2.5  This is the first article in our series on shoe anatomy. We will cut-up some expensive shoes made by Nike, Adidas, Converse, Vans, and Under Armour. Slicing open shoes is the best way to see […]

A 3Dknitting consultancy helping brands to design, develop and produce innovative textile products.


3D Knitting Design Specialist www.KINNODESIGN.comToday I want to introduce you to Mr. Jordi Montaner and his design firm KINNO DESIGN. Jordi is an expert in the design and production of 3D knitting technology for shoes, bags, clothing, and accessories. An industrial designer from Barcelona, Spain, […]

How to pick Sneaker materials

How to Pick Sneaker Materials

The footwear materials you select for your sneaker are what make your kicks come to life! You will find the design pattern is not the critical or special feature; the sneaker materials are. Learning how to specify sneaker materials is critical when you want to make […]

Knit Shoe Construction

With the explosion of knit construction shoes in the footwear marketplace, it’s time to revisit the design and manufacturing issues of this growing footwear class. Pioneered by Nike™ as FlyKnit™ for high end running in 2014, knit shoe construction has now spread into basketball, soccer, […]

Outsoles for Running shoes

Outsole Design For Footwear

The outsole design for a shoe plays a major factor in shoe performances. The outsoles for running shoes, biker boots, and football cleats all have very different performance requirements and manufacturing methods. The shoe outsole is also one of the most expensive parts of the […]

Shoe Designers Guide to Stitching Thread

The Designer’s Guide to Shoe Leather

What is the best shoe leather? There are many different types of shoe leather. Entire books have been written on the subject of leather and how it’s made but we are just going to cover the basics you should know for sports and casual footwear […]