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Inside a Fake Air Jordan 1

The Sneaker chop Inside a Fake air Jordan 1 see Inside a dismantled air Jordan 1 Fake
Let’s see inside a Fake Nike

A Fake Nike Sneaker Deconstructed!

Here at the Sneaker Factory, we love to see how shoes are made! We even wrote a book called How Shoes are Made. To really see how Nike makes shoes, it’s best to slice into a few pairs and see what’s going on inside. So, today we are slicing open a fake Nike Air Jordan!

Is Something Missing?

While the shoe looks decent for a Fake Nike Air Jordan, once you slice into it, you can see it’s missing something very important…the Air. This fake Nike from China is made with a simple EVA die-cut midsole. Likewise, the factory took care to profile the EVA, so the forefoot is thinner than the heel. This is a common sneaker production process, just not the one a real Nike Air Jordan would have.

A Closer Look Inside the Air Jordan 1

After we deconstructed this Nike Air Jordan 1, we took some time to detail all the parts inside and out. First off, this fake Nike Air Jordan is missing the Airbag and PU midsole, but the remaining parts are close to the original Nike Spec. Furthermore, the internal components are not exactly the same quality, but you can see the configuration is nearly right. The Air Jordan is not a complicated shoe to assemble. I guess this is what makes it a popular shoe to counterfeit.

Inside a cut nike air Jordan 1 Inside a cut nike air Jordan 1
The Nike Spec

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