Sneaker Authentication Basics Online Course

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7 reviews for Sneaker Authentication Basics Online Course

  1. Alina

    Alina in Lithuania: This course was very helpful for me. I really enjoyed your presentation and how you explained everything. It was a very pleasant experience, and I look forward to participating in more sessions on Authenticating and your other sessions as well.

  2. Faizsyah

    Faizsyah in Malaysia, metalsmith/designer by profession, sneaker enthusiast, and an avid collector. 
Aug. 2022: “I took this course as my first attempt before taking up other courses available by SneakerFactory. The pdf files provided are very brief and straightforward about authenticating a shoe. It is more than enough. I think you guys pretty much got it all covered. 

  3. Marc

    Instanbul, Turkey. Skateboarder looking to start a skate brand: I really enjoyed Wade’s workshop. I found the information about the factory process really interesting, and though the topic was authenticating shoes, I thought Wade did well to make the factory process relevant. Personally, for me, any information was relevant as it is my first time to dip my feet into the idea of making a shoe brand. So I enjoyed hearing about Wade and his personal experiences too. Keep up the great work.

  4. S. Cano

    S. Cano in Australia, shoemaker and prod developer for 13 years. Very useful information. Details of this course are very helpful not only for finding fake sneakers but also for building up knowledge on Footwear QC. I would recommend this course to anyone in the footwear industry trying to gain a deeper understanding of QC.

  5. M. Williams

    M. Williams, I loved the zoom workshop. It was very informative and I learned a lot. Going forward, I’ll have more knowledge to build my own sneaker brand.

  6. LaKendra

    LaKendra in USA, designer building a portfolio to switch careers and follow my dream and passion. 
    I really appreciate all the information that you shared. Not a lot of people are teaching these skills that we need to get into these careers. Thank you for providing this valuable and hard-to-find information.

  7. Owen

    Owen, Sept 2022: Very in-depth presentation. Definitely worth the money. Btw, maybe there are synergies we can explore in the future with you guys? 🙂

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