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AMA Design Vulcanized Shoes

Zoom Meeting

How To Design Vulcanized ShoesDate:Thursday, September 21,  2023Time: 6pm – 7pm : Los Angeles9pm - 10pm : New YorkWalk through the basics of vulcanized shoe construction.Discuss the best materials for vulcanized shoes (ones that won't melt!).Learn the difference between Vans and Converse vulcanized constructions.Get answers to […]

Footwear Design: Logo Strategy AMA

Zoom Meeting

Footwear Design: Logo Strategy AMA with "The Shoe Dog" Register to Join the Free AMA (Ask Me Anything) Zoom Event! Build a better brand. Advance Your Footwear Design Branding Skills and Communications Strategy today. Date:Thursday, September 14th, 2023Time: 6 pm – 7 pm : Los Angeles9 pm […]

Footwear Start Up: Tooling & Development Costs

Zoom Meeting

Footwear Brand Start Up: Tooling and Development Costs Register to Join the Free Zoom Event! "The Shoe Dog" reviews Tooling and Development Costs for your footwear brand.  "I work with new footwear start-ups. Almost every day, I'm asked the same questions: How much does it cost […]